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XP515 - John III (AD 1222-1254), AV Hyperpyron 4.31g, (27mm) - Magnesia, VF/VF, $290

Obverse: Christ enthroned; IC (barred), XC (barred) on opposite sides of nimbus.

Reverse: John III standing facing on the left, crowned by Virgin Mary standing facing on the right.

Reference: Sear Byzantine #2073, Hendy pl.31,13-15

Comments: An excellent piece of late Byzantine gold with a nearly complete image of Christ. Minor edge flattening at 3 o'clock does not detract from this nice coin's appearance.

XP507 - JUSTIN I (AD 518-527), AE Pentanummium, 12+mm - 1.49 gr., Antioch mint, VF/VF+, $45

Obverse: DN IVSTINVS PP AVG [blundered], Diademed, draped bust right.

Reverse: The Tyche [city goddess] of Antioch seated left; retrograde epsilon to left; all within shrine.

Reference: Sear #111

Comments: Modest flan disturbance on obverse does not detract from this interesting coin of Antioch.

XP510 - MAURICE TIBERIUS (AD 582-602), AE Pentanummium, 13-15mm - 1.67 gr., Constantinople mint, VF+/VF+, $75

Obverse: DN MAVRIC PP AV), Diademed, draped bust right.

Reverse: Large Epsilon, A to the right.

Reference: Sear #501A

Comments: A great highlighting patina and the nearly full legend makes this coin an excellent example of this type.

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