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XP752 - Thrace, Thasos (c. 480 BC), AR Stater, 8.68g, VF/VF, $915

Obverse: Satyr carries off protesting Nymph.

Reverse: Incuse quadrapartite square.

Reference: Sear Greek 1357, SNG Cop 1008ff.

Comments: One of the classic ancient Greek coins. Nicely toned with well defined features. Make it an ithyphallic part of your collection.

XP753 - Thrace, Istros (early 4th cent. BC), AR Stater, 5.35g, VF/VF, $225

Obverse: 2 heads facing, right inverted.

Reverse: Sea eagle standing left on left facing dolphin; Greek legend above; Delta below.

Reference: Sear Greek 1669.

Comments: Another popular ancient Greek coin. Great toning on this nicely styled coin.

XP754 - Phoenicia, Arados (c.350-332 BC), AR Stater, 10.02g, VF/VF, $220

Obverse: Head of bearded deity.

Reverse: Phoenician galley on 3 lines of waves; inscription above.

Reference: Sear Greek 5971, BMC 68 Phoenicia, plate II, #20.

Comments: A big chunk of good silver on the Persic weight standard. Nicely detailed portrait on this classic reverse type.

XP755 -Calabria, Brundisi (c. 247-217 BC), AE22, 8.99g, VF/VF, $210

Obverse: Laureate, right facing head of Poseidon, crowned by Nike; trident behind, pellet behind.

Reverse: Taras seated on left facing dolphin, holdingNike, club in right field; BRVN, pellet below.

Reference: Sear Greek 599.

Comments: A very nice Greek bronze with the popular boy on dolphin reverse type.

XP511 - ALEXANDER III (the Great) (c. 315-294 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 16.94g, VF/VF, $275

Obverse: Head of Herakles facing right, wearing lion skin.

Reverse: Zeus seated left, holding eagle and sceptre; (lambda) in left field, monogram beneath seat.

Reference: Price 490

Comments: Attributed to Amphipolis in Northern Greece this is an excellent example of a classic Alexander III Tet.

XP430 - SELEUKID KINGS - ALEXANDER I (BALAS) (c. 150-145 BC), AR Drachm, VF+/VF+, $155

Obverse: Diademed head facing right, beaded border.

Reverse: Naked Apollo seated left on omphalos, holding arrow and resting bow; BASILEOS ALEXANDROY in two lines to the right, ThEOPATOROS EYERGETOY in two lines to the left. Monograms below in exergue.

Reference: Sear Greek #7035v

Comments: A excellent example of this claimant as son of Antiochos IV. He was short lived as King due to his unpopular lifestyle.

XP501 - SIKYON - Peloponnesos (before 146 BC), AR Hemidrachm (14+mm), VF/VF+, $135

Obverse: Dove flying right.

Reverse: Large [sigma]; with O[lambda]VM above, [pi]I / A either side and [delta]A[sigma] beneath; all within shallow incuse square.

Reference: Sear Greek #2777v

Comments: This coin was from the region described by Homer as forming a part of the empire of Agamemnon. Nicely toned, well struck and centered, it was issued at the same time as the coinage of the Achaean League.

XP517 - ACHAEAN LEAGUE - MEGARA (196-146 BC), AR Hemidrachm (14mm), 2.33g, aVF/aVF, $115

Obverse: Laureate head of Zeus facing right.

Reverse: Large AX monogram; lyre above, ME - [gamma][omega] either side; all enclosed in laurel wreath. .

Reference: Sear Greek #2971-3004v, BMC 2,11.

Comments: Another well toned, nice condition type from a large series of silver coins struck by the member states of this group having declared their freedom from Greece.

XP289 - THESSALY, LARISSA (c. 395-344 BC), AR Drachm, F+/F+, $95

Obverse: Head of nymph Larissa three-quarter face to left, wearing necklace.

Reverse: Horse grazing right, left forefoot raised; LAP(I) (lambda)(alpha)(rho)(iota-not visible) below; SA (sigma)(alpha) above. (LARISA)

Reference: Sear Greek #2120, SNG Copenhagen #128v

Comments: A pleasing example of a more popular type. A good budget example of this coin which lists for 175 Pounds in Sear.

XP343 - GREECE - BRETTIAN LEAGUE (215-205 BC), AE18, F/F+, $43

Obverse: Head of Zeus facing right.

Reverse: Eagle standing right on thunderbolt, wings spread; .

Reference: Sear Greek #704v.

Comments: A nice example of the coinage of Alexander the Great. Minor patina chip on obverse and slightly rough patina does not detract from this nice coin.


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