Roman Imperial - Sept. Sev. to Sev. Alex.

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XP318 - SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS (AD 193-211), AR Denarius, VF/F+, $45

Obverse: SEVERVS PIVS AVG, bearded, right facing, laureate head of Septimus Severus.

Reverse: INDVLGEN-TIA AVGG, Dea Caelestis (Patron diety of Carthage) riding lion, holding thunderbolt and scepter while water gushes from a spring behind her, INCART(H) in exergue.

Reference: RIC #266, Sear #1756, Van Meter #47, Cohen #222

Comments: Nice example of a more rare type of Septimius Severus. This Indulgentia type (circa 203 AD) refers to the construction of an aqueduct in Carthage. There is some slight reverse striking weakness while the obverse has a quite nice portrait and legends.

XP317 - SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS (AD 193-211), AR Denarius, VF+/F+, $43

Obverse: SEVERVS PIVS AVG BRIT, bearded, right facing, laureate head of Septimus Severus.

Reverse: PM TR P XVIII COS III PP, Jupiter standing left holding thunderbolt and scepter, two children at his feet.

Reference: RIC #240, Sear #1780, Van Meter #125/1v, Cohen #540

Comments: Nice example of the less common BRIT obverse legend type of Septimius Severus. There is some slight porosity on the surfaces of this coin but the detail on the obverse makes up very well for it.

XP319 - SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS (AD 193-211), AR Denarius, VF+/VF, $45

Obverse: SEVERVS PIVS AVG, bearded, right facing, laureate head of Septimius Severus.

Reverse: VICT PART MAX, Victory running left holding wreath and palm.

Reference: RIC #295, Unlisted in Sear, Van Meter #167, Cohen #744

Comments: Outstanding portrait of the bearded Septimius Severus. Good metal, full legends and great obverse details make this a nice budget priced coin. Slight reverse striking weakness does not detract from the overall value of this coin commemorating Severus' victory over the Parthians.

XP265 - SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS (AD 193-211), AR Denarius, VF+/VF+, $50

Obverse: SEVERVS AVG PART MAX, bearded, right facing, laureate head of Septimius Severus.

Reverse: VIRT AVGG, Roma (Virtus?) Standing left, holding Victory and resting on shield, spear upight against left arm.

Reference: RIC IV #171, Sear #1796, Cohen #761

Comments: A very nice, detailed portrait bust of this soldier emperor of great military ability. In 198, Severus achieved his success at Ctesiphon over the Parthians for which he gained the title of "Parthicus Maximus" as indicated in the Obverse legend. There is a question as to the identity of the reverse image personification. Some believe Virtus, some go with Roma, primarily due to the typical Roma style helmet seen.

XP266 - GETA as Caesar (AD 198-209), AR Denarius, VF+/VF+, $45

Obverse: P SEPT GETA CAES PONT, bareheaded, right facing, draped, youthful bust of Geta.

Reverse: SECVRIT IMPERII, Securitas seated left, holding globe, left arm on chair.

Reference: RIC IV Rome #20, Cohen #183, Sear #2020.

Comments: Very nice toning on a coin with a youthful portrait bust. Excellent details all around on this coin. This coin is attributed to the early period of his time as Caesar, AD 200-202. Nicer than the Sear Plate coin!

XP395 - MACRINUS as Augustus (AD 217-218), AR Denarius, VF+/VF+, $145

Obverse: IMP C M OPEL SEV MACRINVS AVG, laureate, right facing bust of Macrinus.

Reverse: FIDES MILITVM, Fides standing right, foot on helmet, holding two standards.

Reference: Cohen #23, Unlisted in Sear, Van Meter #12/1.

Comments: Marcus Opellius [Severus] Macrinus was a short lived Augustus that probably never saw Rome as it's leader. The longer, more ragged style of the beard on this type is thought to indicate the Eastern minting at Antioch. The shorter, neater beard was thought to be struck at Rome.

XP267 - JULIA MAESA (died AD 225), AR Denarius, VF/F+, $50

Obverse: IVLIA MAESA AVG, right facing, draped bust of Julia Maesa.

Reverse: SAECVLI FELICITAS, Felicitas standing left, holding long caduceus and sacfificing over a lighted altar; in right field, star.

Reference: Sear #2184, RIC IV #271, Cohen #45

Comments: Julia Maesa was the Sister of Julia Domna and the Grandmother of Severus Alexander and Elagabalus. There is very nice detail in the face and hair on the front of this coin. The reverse has some striking weakness that keeps it from being a great VF piece. Sear lists this coin at 80 Pounds in VF.

XP320 - SEVERUS ALEXANDER (AD 222-235), AR Denarius, VF+/F+, $45

Obverse: IMP C M AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG, right facing, draped, laureate bust of Severus Alexander.

Reverse: PM TR P COS PP, Salus seated left, resting left arm on throne and feeding a snake out of a patera, snake coiling up from altar.

Reference: Sear #2222, RSC #218, Cohen #255

Comments: Very nicely detailed portrait bust of Severus Alexander. Nearly full legends all around with some slight scratches on the right field of the reverse. Small marks on left field reverse are due to metal variation and strike and do not appear to be scratches. Very good detail in the snake and the throne on the reverse.


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