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XP281 - HEROD I(40-4 BC), AE 8 Prutot, VF/F+, $345

Obverse: HPODOY BASILEOS,(eta{not visible})(rho)(omega)(delta)(omicron)(upsilon) (beta)(alpha)(sigma)(iota)(lambda)(epsilon)(omega)(sigma), {of King Herod},Tripod, ceremonial bowl(lebes) above, date "Lr" (year 3) in right field, monogram of Greek letters (tau) and (rho).

Reverse: Military helmet, facing front, wreath featuring acanthus leaf around, cheek pieces and flaps, star above flanked by two palm branches.

Reference: Hendin #486

Comments: A tough coin to find with complete features and nearly all of the legend visible. This is the highest bronze denomination of the Herodian reign. The monogram of the Greek letters tau and rho above are probable a contraction for "trito" or the third year, indicating that this coin was struck in 40 BC. This was the third year of his reign under the Romans. This is one of the classic rarities of Judean bronze collecting. Hendin lists this rare coin at $400.

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