Roman Provincial Coins

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XP586 - Cappadocia, Caesarea - Trajan, 98-117 AD, AR Tridrachm, 10.33g, F+/F+, $100

Obverse: Laureate, draped bust right.

Reverse: Aquila flanked by two standards.

Reference: SNG Cop 216.

Comments: A better type of this seldom seen denomination.

XP773 - Moesia Inferior, Nicopolis ad Istrum - Caracalla 198-217 AD, AE26, VF/VF, $62

Obverse: Laureate head right.

Reverse: Aequitas standing right holding scales.

Reference: Unlisted SNG Cop.

Comments: Great patina on this well defined, full legend coin.

XP774 - Thrace, Hadrianopolis - Caracalla 198-217 AD, AE26, VF/aVF, $87

Obverse: Draped, cuirassed, laureate bust left w/ spear & shield.

Reverse: Helmeted figure of Athena standing facing, head right; holding inverted spear and shield.

Reference: Unlisted SNG Cop.

Comments: A scarce, left facing, military bust type with spear and shield. A nice coin with good details and patina.

XP803 - Syria, Antioch - Otacilia Severa, wife of Philip I & mother of Philip II 244-249 AD, AR Tetradrachm, 10.61g, VF/VF, $210

Obverse: Diademed, draped bust of Severa left facing on crescent.

Reverse: Eagle standing left on palm frond holding wreath in beak.

Reference: Unlisted in major references.

Comments: A very rare, left facing example of this popular series. Metal is nicer (much less porous) than many seen recently from this region.

XP804 - Egypt - Alexandria Diocletian 284-305 AD, Billon Tetradrachm, 7.11g, aVF/aVF, $30

Obverse: Laureate, cuirassed bust right.

Reverse: Athena standing holding Nike, resting hand on shield, L (Delta) in left field .

Reference: Milne 4852.

Comments: A nicely patinated, Year 4 (c. 288 AD) dated coin in this highly collectible series.

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