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XP554 - M. Baebius Q.f. Tampilus - moneyer (c. 137 BC), AR Denarius, 17mm - 3.78 gm., VF/VF, $65

Obverse: Head of Roma facing left, (TAMPIL) behind, X below chin.

Reverse: Apollo in quadriga, ROMA below; (M).BAEBI.Q.F in exergue.

Reference: Sear RCV #113, Crawford #236/1v, RSC Baebia 12.

Comments: Several unusual features on this nice Republican denarius. The uncommon left facing bust of ROMA, the first appearance of Apollo on a Roman denarius and the atypical reversing of the moneyer's name and ROMA above and below the exergual line.

XP553 - M. Papirius Carbo - moneyer (c. 122 BC), AR Denarius, 17-19mm - 3.92 gr., aVF/aVF, $65

Obverse: Head of Roma facing right, X below chin, branch behind.

Reverse: Jupiter in quadriga right, holding thunderbolt, M CARB(O) below; ROMA in exergue.

Reference: Sear RCV #151, Crawford #276/1, RSC Papiria 6.

Comments: Nicely toned and with classic Republican denarius features, an excellent if you are looking for a Republican type coin.

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